It’s ironic that the core company value I’m featuring today is linked to some of the most over-hyped and under-actualized corporate verbiage out there. “Stay True To You” speaks to the absolute requirement we have of our colleagues to be their authentic selves at CTE, not simply their authentic work version. Not their authentically buttoned-up version. No, their true selves. This value, although it comes third in the list, is literally the foundation of Creative Talent Endeavors.

Why do we hold “Stay True To You” in such high regard? Because we know that without authenticity, we can’t have real inclusion. Without inclusion, we can’t create a supportive work environment. By encouraging and expecting everyone to be their genuine selves, we create a culture of mutual respect and acceptance. This, in turn, enables our team members to bring their unique perspectives, talents, and ideas to the table. A team full of authentic people breeds the rich collaboration and innovative problem-solving that I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

In our remote work setting, this value empowers us to let our guard down. We embrace the freedom to express ourselves, share our thoughts openly, and engage in genuinely curious conversations with our colleagues. Whether it’s showing up in a sombrero during a video call or having open discussions about the struggles of parenthood, we create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. This not only boosts morale, but also nurtures a sense of belonging and encourages each team member to contribute their best work.

Unfortunately, many companies fail to grasp the true essence of “Stay True To You.” They may prioritize conformity over individuality, stifling creativity and suppressing diverse voices within the organization. When employees don’t feel safe being true to themselves, it can lead to disengagement, lower productivity, and a lack of innovation. In contrast, our commitment to authenticity helps us work better together and trust each other to deliver unique solutions for our clients.

Let’s consider an example: What if a company compelled employees to hide their true identities, ideas, or beliefs? They would have employees that were connected to payroll but disconnected from the goals of the company. Employees would be going through the motions, biding their time until they found a company to which they could really bring their whole self to work. This kills all motivation for personal growth and hinders collaboration with other disengaged colleagues. By embracing authenticity, we avoid such pitfalls and create an environment where everyone is valued for who they are, leading to a more engaged and fulfilled workforce.

I invite you to reflect on your own work experiences. How can you stay true to yourself in your professional life? We’d love to hear your thoughts and insights!

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