Launch Of A DEI Function


A multibillion-dollar marketing enterprise with 20+ brand affiliates sought to expand
their Talent capabilities by creating a DEI Center of Excellence to serve their internal employees
and external clients. The client aim was two-fold: add a DEI function and increase the
percentage of diverse employees in the organization. Client had insufficient expertise and
bandwidth to tackle the changing market conditions and lack of diversity within the industry. Our
client wanted to fill the various positions quickly and standup the DEI function, so they sought a
consulting partner to own the search process.


CTE created a new service offering (CTE OneWin) to support the client hiring needs
by providing a volume-based partnership to recruit for a defined number of searches. In the
initial three-month pilot, CTE successfully executed six searches, and thereafter five additional
searches were initiated at the Director to SVP level. During this process, CTE mitigated two key
barriers to hiring diverse talent: (a) refined key inflection points where the recruiting process was
eliminating diverse candidates, and (b) replaced industry-focused experience requirements with
competency-based measurements.


Leveraging CTE OneWin, there was significant cost savings to the client


of employees hired were diverse candidates


searches successfully filled
(12th role was canceled)