In Conversation | Inclusive Talent Management

Yesterday, I facilitated a conversation on #inclusive #talentmanagement with my CTE colleagues Jared Cozart, Le Anne Harper (she/her), SPHR, and Barbara O. in collaboration with Mastry VenturesRichard Smith.

Along with 16 members of the #venturecapital and #startup communities, we discussed how to attract, hire, engage, and retain diverse talent. Many #insightful ideas were shared during the #collaborative conversation (as you can see from the #Google #jamboard screenshot) and we all left inspired to either lean further into our own successful talent strategies or try on someone else’s proven #bestpractices

Our hour together was way too short, so we’ll have to do this again sometime soon! I think the #vc and startup communities are clamoring for more of these open, #BraveSpaces to share thoughts and adopt new strategies for #inclusiverecruiting.

If you’re interested in learning more about the diverse solutions we came up with, please leave me a comment. And if you’d like an invite to our next talent session, let me know!

CTE. We’re #changingthefaceoftalent