CTE Retreat | July 2022

Our team has accomplished goals from all corners of the United States for the past five years. With the new age of work-from-home business models, we allocate the typical overhead – building, maintenance, parking, cleaning – to what matters to CTE: our team! We all met in the Bay Area for a great week of connecting with each other and our partners. We hosted three incredible leaders for a fantastic panel discussion: Michele Bousquet, CPO at Strava, Amanda Kelly, COO at Streamlit, and Maisha Gray-Diggs, VP of Global Talent Acquisitions at Eventbrite. We found our inner Banksy with First Amendment San Francisco’s Street Art program. We mixed, shook, and stirred our way through The Cocktail Camp’s bartending class. Gordon Ramsey would be speechless if he saw the results of our group’s Culinary Artistas cooking competition. We even had time to let our hair down and connect with one another. Now you tell us what is better: stale coffee and cubicles or a three-day retreat in another part of the world, all expenses paid. We know which one we would pick!