CTE Response to the Dobbs v. Jackson Ruling

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


I don’t talk about it often, but I’m a child of adoption. My biological mother made an unthinkably difficult choice to carry me in the face of devastating societal and emotional challenges and gave me an opportunity to live the life I have today. I don’t have enough words here to write how grateful I am for her choice. It moves me every time I think about it. It has motivated me in my most challenging moments, driving me to live a life worthy of that choice. It has come to mind frequently since the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on the Dobbs v Jackson case leaked earlier this year, and daily since the formal ruling came in late June. Because of that ruling, an untold number of women and girls in more than half of our country will soon be put in impossible situations, just like my biological mother.


What they won’t have is a choice to make.


I find so many parts of this decision appalling. The direction it signals for our country is one that makes me deeply sad for all my fellow Americans who are capable of becoming pregnant, and for everyone who loves someone who is capable of becoming pregnant. Volumes have been and will continue to be written on all the reasons this decision by the Supreme Court is dangerous, counter-majoritarian, and wrong. As I’m not a medical professional nor a person capable of becoming pregnant, I’ll leave that to the experts. For my part, I’m here to offer support to those who need it during this time. Along with Kyle, Jared, and the rest of the CTE leadership team, I’m proud to announce that CTE will begin offering support for employees and their dependents who need to travel to access reproductive health services not offered in their home states. We believe in creating a world where potential and opportunity meet, and as we continue to grow and hire employees in markets across the country, we want to ensure that opportunity is universal.

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