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Building upon the success of our Retained Search practice, CTE expanded its service offerings to include all things talent-related, from employer branding and sourcing strategy to performance management and succession planning. With a holistic approach to DEI, the Advisory Services practice integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and best practices throughout all our engagements. The team is comprised of talented professionals with extensive in-house leadership and consulting experience in talent, people operations, and DEI.

The Advisory Services team helps clients design, create, and deliver talent offerings that optimize engagement, profitability, and company culture to accelerate and sustain growth. The function is a natural partner in CTE’s mission to Create a World Where Potential and Opportunity Meet.

Seek Understanding

Seek Understanding

Our fourth value, “Seek Understanding”, is up next. At our company, we firmly believe that effective communication, both with clients and colleagues, is the key to success. In the next few moments, I want to

Stay True to You

Stay True to You

It’s ironic that the core company value I’m featuring today is linked to some of the most over-hyped and under-actualized corporate verbiage out there. “Stay True To You” speaks to the absolute requirement we have

Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environment, it is crucial that organizations recognize the significance of supporting their employees' mental and emotional well-being. The well-being of our workforce directly impacts productivity, engagement, and overall success.

Take Your Company to the Doctor

Take Your Company to the Doctor

I believe every company should have an annual physical—similar to how you visit the doctor for a yearly exam, you should check on your organization's health. My go-to analogy for describing organizational development is comparing




& Team Assessments

Gain insight into the behaviors and motivations of individuals and teams to support your hiring, on boarding, and leadership development goals. CTE administers well-known, proven assessments and can debrief your whole team.

HR Optimization
& Transformation

HR Consulting
On Demand

We offer flexible, high value HR consulting, so you can keep your team lean as you build. Leveraging 100+ years of HR expertise, we meet you where you are, providing everything from talent fundamentals (employee handbook, onboarding, hiring guides) to strategic people programs (employer branding, diversity, training). We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on go-to-market and growth. We scale with you!

Talent Accelerator

During TAP sprints, we focus on your critical areas {e.g., recruiting, manager training, branding, DE&I) to identify risks, blind spots, and improvement opportunities. Our recommendations and ready-to-use resources keep you moving in the right direction. Time to level up your recruiting? Managers need training? Not as diverse as you’d like? Clueless about your employer brand? If you’re short on time or expertise, TAP delivers quick wins.


Are your people programs outdated or uninspiring? Do your talent policies need updating to integrate postpandemic realities? Our broad expertise, high EQ, and collaborative style make us the perfect partners for HR transformations. Whether you need a light-touch refresh or a complete reset, we tailor the change management strategy, implementation model, and communications plans to suit your organization’s culture and priorities.

Training &


In our most popular workshop series, we help teams put their "head knowledge" to work with their words and actions. These very interactive sessions will begin to develop the desired "muscle memory" for new behaviors.


We create safe spaces and invite your teams to have honest, workshop-style discussions about tough topics that impact how they work. Cut through the politics, guilt, and finger-pointing to address relevant issues with candor, compassion, and vulnerability.


We approach management training from a fresh perspective that reflects today's dynamic, competitive workplace realities. Leaders leave informed and empowered to inspire improved engagement and performance