the Face of Talent


CTE’s mission is to Change the Face of Talent. Our focus has always been to create a mission-driven organization capable of exceeding our clients’ expectations and providing our team members with a work environment that embraces individuality. Our Core Values inform every decision we make and action we take.


Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services team helps clients design and deliver talent offerings that optimize engagement, profitability, and company culture.

Executive Search

We excel in identifying and engaging passive talent at the Director level and above, using our vast and diverse network.  


Play the Right Way

We treat every project the same way a professional athlete approaches their game: with focus, dedication, and immense drive.

Innovate & Elevate

With an innovative mindset, we elevate our suite of talent-related service products.

Stay True To You

By creating a culture of mutual respect, we empower everyone to be their true selves.

Seek Understanding

Earnestly seek understanding to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Be Bold

We know your business faces challenges, and when you work with us, we attack those challenges vigorously.

Do Awesome S#!t

Yesterday’s awesome is tomorrow’s average.

Our Clients

Our teams provide exemplary service to clients across the country.

People Are

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